LaserSwiss – CNC Lathe with Integrated Laser

Max Diameter: 12mm, 20mm, 32mm
Tsugami LaserSwiss on the B0125-III
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Description / Data

  • Compact, fully integrated laser cutting systems with power supplies from 200W to 500W CW
  • Laser power, frequency, pulse width, gas pressure threshold and lens focus are adjustable from the machine’s Fanuc control – response time is less than 10 milliseconds
  • Performs turning, threading, tapping, milling, gun drilling without laser – retaining original tooling functionality
  • Models include a variety of 12, 20, and 32 mm machines

Compatible Models:  B0123, B0125, B0203, B0205, S205, S206, SS207-5AX, B0325, B0326, SS327-5AX

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