Customer Support

Precision360 is committed to delivering exceptional customer support.

From selecting and acquiring your new machine to customizing, engineering, and installing it, our aim is to alleviate your concerns and meet your specific requirements. We ensure that your journey with us is smooth and hassle-free, maintaining our dedication to you even after your equipment is operational, to guarantee its continuous peak performance.

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Keep your Tsugami machine operating at its best with quick and reliable parts delivery from Precision360. We understand the critical role timely parts delivery plays in maintaining your operational continuity and ensuring customer satisfaction. Don’t let downtime disrupt your productivity; fill out our parts request form today to get the genuine parts you need, fast.

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We understand that timely and effective service is crucial to your machine’s performance and your overall satisfaction. Our expert service team is dedicated to resolving any issues quickly, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal productivity. Fill out our service request form today and let us take care of your machine’s needs with the urgency and precision you deserve.

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Discover the Precision360 difference when purchasing your Tsugami machine or accessory. Our dedicated sales team is committed to understanding your needs and providing solutions that enhance your productivity and satisfaction. Fill out our sales inquiry form today, and let us guide you to the perfect machining solutions tailored just for you.

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Other Support Services:

Delivery and Installation

Once we have a confirmed delivery date for your new machine, Precision360 will be in touch to assist you in preparing your site for its arrival. To fully leverage your new machine’s capabilities, it may be necessary to install specialized workholding, toolholders, and various options and accessories. We are committed to ensuring that the delivery and setup of your machine are executed seamlessly and precisely.

Our customer service team will coordinate with a skilled service technician to visit your site on delivery day or shortly after to oversee the installation process. The technician will conduct a thorough inspection, leveling, and cleaning of the machine before it is powered up. Following the addition of any required coolant and accessories, and after all installation and testing procedures are complete, your new machine will be ready for operation.

Operator Training

Enhance your Tsugami machine operations with our tailored training solutions, starting with a free initial session to set your operators up for success. Should you need further instruction, we offer customizable training on demand, allowing you to choose the duration, focus areas, and location that best suit your team’s requirements.

Machine Maintenance

Take control of your machine maintenance with Precision360’s instructional courses, designed to equip your team with the knowledge to perform upkeep in-house. Our training covers all the basics and delves into the unique requirements of your machine, assisting you in creating a proactive maintenance schedule. Our dedicated Customer Support team is at your disposal to help plan and execute a training program that aligns with your needs. 

Beyond Installation

Lifetime Support from Precision360

Precision360 is committed to meeting your unique requirements, ensuring satisfaction beyond the installation of your machinery. As a full-service distributor, we maintain ongoing communication, providing the continuous support you need for the entire lifespan of your machine.